Geological History

Where today the Swabian Alb rises up to 1000 m high, a tropical sea with coral reefs, extensive beaches, cycads and ginkgo trees surged in prehistoric times. The deposits of Jurassic rock from 200 - 140 million years ago, from which the Swabian Alb is largely built, also date from the time when the area of the Alb was still covered by water. Traces of erosion during the Cretaceous period, volcanic eruptions and a meteor strike shape the landscape today. Each period and each settlement in the region has its own history. Learn more about the geological and contemporary past of the Swabian Alb here.

Urweltmuseum Aalen

Natural history museum


The biggest municipal museum of geology and paleontology in Baden-Württemberg, which was opened in 1977, is located in Aalen, directly at the market place inside of the historic building of the old town hall.

Urweltmuseum Hauff

Natural history museum


The Hauff Prehistoric World Museum in Holzmaden offers exciting experiences for young and old in all weathers and an impressive overview of the fascinating marine world of the Jurassic period.


Natural history museum

Steinheim am Albuch

A visit to the Meteor Crater Museum in the suburb of Sontheim in the Stubental, south of the main town of Steinheim, is a "must" for every guest. Excitingly prepared, the visitor learns everything about the effects of the catastrophe on and under the earth's surface. Fossilised plants and animals from the deposits of the crater lake are exhibited in the palaeontological department and explained in a varied way. An animated film takes young and old back to the time of the meteorite impact.

Fossilienmuseum Dotternhausen mit Klopfplatz

History museum


***Please continue to follow the spacing and hygiene rules. Please bring your own tools for fossil hunting ***.

The fossil museum invites visitors on a journey through time into the history of the earth. It is one of the information points in the Swabian Alb Geopark.

Alamannenmuseum Ellwangen

History museum


In the Alamannenmuseum Ellwangen the time of the Alamanni comes alive again in many different ways.

Campus Galli

Open-air museum


Craftsmen have already been working for several years to build a medieval monastery like the one drawn and described by monks on the island of Reichenau in the 9th century: a large abbey church, living quarters, workshops, stables and gardens.

Hohenzollerisches Landesmuseum

History museum


The Hohenzollern State Museum houses one of the most important collections in Baden-Württemberg. On display are objects and stories from a good 100,000 years of human history from the Stone Age to the princely period in Hohenzollern.

Limes Museum Aalen

History museum


A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Museum of the University of Tübingen MUT Ancient Cultures

History museum


The "Vogelherd figurines" are among the most famous exhibits at the "Museum of the University of Tübingen MUT Ancient Cultures" at Hohentübingen Castle. They are among the oldest works of art known to mankind and are exhibits of the UNESCO World Heritage "Ice Age Art".

Urgeschichtliches Museum

History museum


Museum of prehistory Blaubeuren – Where man came into being!

Heuneburg - Pyrene

History museum

Herbertingen - Hundersingen

Most important Celtic acropolis in Europe

Visitors can immerse themselves in the time of the Celts at the Heuneburg in a dreamlike natural and cultural landscape, at a historical site.