Culinary Art

Being at the Swabian Alb, you'll quickly fall in love with its culinary highlights: Lentils with spaetzle, cheese from Alb buffalos, lamb from juniper heaths and loads of other delicacies created by local producers. Accompanied by a beer from local breweries that know their craft. Enjoy your meal!

It is the special combination of tradition and innovation that characterises the Swabian Alb: There is cider like in the old days and whisky from ambitious Swabians who want to take on the Scots. The Alb lentil is the rediscovery of an almost forgotten crop and the Alb snail is finally back on the menu after decades of not being seen there. It has always been the raw characteristics of this region, the barren soil of the karst mountains, which forced people to find creative ways to have culinary supplies for their daily living. Consequently, regionality was already a trend here before the word trend was invented. Those who want to stock up their pantries on local delicacies will find a large selection of these in farm shops and at country markets.