Swabian Alb

Swabian Alb

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The Swabian Alb ranges over a length of about 200 kilometers and a width of 80 kilometers across Baden-Württemberg in the southwest of Germany. The area is bordered by the Black Forest in the south-west, by Stuttgart in the northwest, Bavaria in the east and the Danube in the south. The highest peak is the Lemberg (1015m) near Tuttlingen

Seen from above, the Swabian Alb is a gentle highland with juniper heaths, where shepherds still make their rounds. But Germany's largest karst mountain range also has other sides - wildly romantic and sublime, the Alb is framed by the gorges of the young Danube and the Albtrauf, unique in the world, which offers dream views over the Neckar valley and its orchard meadows. In between, mighty castles of the Staufers and Hohenzollerns, a pearl necklace of cities such as the world famous home of Hugo Boss, Metzingen, impress. The secret, however, lies deep inside, hidden in countless caves: From there come the oldest music instruments and the oldest art figures in the world, 40,000 years old and UNESCO World Heritage. The most iconic piece is the Lion Man: 31 centimetres tall, half human, haf lion, carved out of a mammoth tusk.

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