Alb Dishes

Did you ever hear about flaedle soup which is often served at weddings? Maultaschen anyone? And did you know the pretzel was invented in the Swabian Alb?

Before ordering something in the Swabian Alb, it's helpful to know what exactly will land on your plate. Here, we'll give you some background information about the most popular Alb meals.


Spaetzle are Swabian pasta in an elongated shape, served as a side dish or with other components as a separate dish.

Lentils with Spaetzle

There is the 'El Clásico' in soccer, lentils and Spaetzle are the Swabian equivalent to it.


Maultaschen (Swabian ravioli or literally "mouth bags") are pockets of noodle dough with a basic filling of sausage meat and onions. There are different ways to serve them.

Cheese Spaetzle

A special variation of the basic Spaetzle are Cheese Spaetzle which might be the twin dish of Mac and Cheese in some ways.

Flaedle soup

Being at a Swabian wedding can often lead to being presented a Flaedle soup (literally "thin pancake soup" in local dialect) as traditional first course of wedding meals.

Onion roast

What do the Austrian capitol Vienna and the Swabian Alb have in common? The answer is Zwiebelrostbraten (onion roast), which is a favorite dish there as well as here. Not only on Sundays, although originally intended for it.


Invented in the Thirty Years' War as an emergency food, Schupfnudeln (literally "rolled noodles" in local dialect) are still very popular today. Whether sweet or salty.

Apple fritters

Apples can be found in countless meadow orchards in the Alb, where they are harvested juicy and deep red in autumn. With just a few ingredients, Apple fritters become a sweet temptation.


There's a 100 percent chance of finding pretzels (German spelling "Brezel") in bakeries in the Swabian Alb. Also, it might or might not have been invented in our region.